Dr Laurent Bannock DProf MSc RNutr SENr, Performance Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist
Dr Laurent Bannock, DProf MSc CSCS RNutr SENr at Consultant Nutritionist | WiseIntro Portfolio







Dr Laurent Bannock, DProf MSc CSCS RNutr SENr at Consultant Nutritionist | WiseIntro Portfolio

Dr Laurent Bannock


Consultant Nutritionist

Hi! My name is Dr Laurent Bannock. I am the Director of Bannock Consulting LTD, which is my private practice in Harley Street, London; and I am also the Founder and CEO of the Guru Performance Institute also based in the UK.

In my private practice I specialise in nutrition and lifestyle approaches to support Elite performance and weight management, with clients that range from professional athletes (such as football and tennis players) & Olympians, Company CEOs, investment bankers, and celebrities from the film, music and TV industries . I also have worked with professional rugby and football teams and was privileged to work with GB Fencing at the Rio Olympics, and the Egyptian National Football team during the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

At the Guru Performance Institute, my team and I, specialise in professional online education programs for current and aspiring sports nutritionists that is relevant to real-world practice. Since I launched the business 5 years ago, we now have students and graduates in over 50 countries world-wide and have achieved professional body recognition for our program which until now has only been achieved by ‘regular universities’.

I am well known as an expert and thought leader on evidence-based practice in the field of sport and exercise nutrition and am regularly invited as a guest expert on TV and to speak at conferences and professional events internationally.

In addition to recently achieving my doctorate in sport and exercise nutrition, I have authored or co-authored 7 peer reviewed scientific publications thus far, and am the host of the award winning “We Do Science Podcast” which achieved over a million downloads in the first 100 episodes, and has achieved the number 2 ranking on iTunes in the fitness and nutrition genre. My greatest asset perhaps, is that I have over 28 year’s experience in the health, fitness and nutrition field.

If you would like to work with me, please contact me to introduce yourself.

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